Lionfish is an international, award-winning branding and marketing firm focused on igniting opportunity for the world's game changers. We belive that smart strategies, disruptive creative and innovative tactics can engage audiences, build brand loyalty and ignite buyer and donor preference.






Our Philosophy

We believe
  • The purpose of marketing is to drive sales.
  • Smart strategies position you for future advantage.
  • The end customer is always center-stage.
  • There is magic at the intersection of a clear strategy, powerful creative, compelling messages and execution excellence.
We're here to create opportunities for the world's game changers. Are you doing something that will challenge the status quo, transform communities, save lives, or inspire others to greatness? Let's talk!



Our Process








Our working style is simultaneously well-organized and casual. Each client's business has unique considerations and we are masters at adapting to different working methods. At a minimum, you can expect an assigned relationship manager, project manager, and creative lead. We'll talk about what works best for you and then secure buy-in from everyone involved to ensure that together, we reach your organization's goals.


Our Work

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The company we keep


Our People

The POND is filled with amazing people doing amazing things every day. We extend our waters beyond the pond to a wide pool of outrageously talented writers, designers, developers, editors, photographers, video production, dancers, jugglers, and assorted other talented performers, which, added to our core team represent the best of the best in our business.



Gloria provides the strategic and creative vision for the project. With an extensive background as a designer, illustrator, and animator, Gloria drives the creative energy of the Lionfish team toward innovative client initiatives.

Gloria Wildeman


Nic crafts marketing strategies and positioning that resonate with audiences worldwide. He oversees the work of copywriters, digital services, and the account team to ensure that plans and messages hit their target every time.

Nic Wildeman


Mona puts her degree in accounting to work as the wizard behind our operation, balancing budgets, guiding project managers, and overseeing all things financial. She also handles our HR, oversees vendors and steps in as a project manager on occasion, just to keep her hands in the day-to-day project work.

Mona Campbell


Dawn 20+ years experience shines in her high-energy, innovative design and her attention to detail is reflected in everything she does.

Dawn Santmyer


Mike brings 20+ years’ experience in diverse creative fields to the pond. From digital design, to illustration, to photo editing, animation, and  presentation graphics, Mike brings a wealth of experience to every role.

Michael Wildeman


Manages all aspects of a project – from first touch through delivery. She oversees purchased goods and services, print production, and delivery, ensuring projects are on time, error-free, and on budget. Her strong negotiating skills create win-win vendor partnerships for Lionfish and our clients.

Greta Watson


Anthony Ferreira


Jason brings 20+ years experience deisgning innovative creative that stands out in any media. His thourghtful execution and creative vision results in outstanding execution every time.

Jason Snavlin

Our Network

In addition to our core team, we are part of a national network of agencies located across the country. We meet monthly, share best practices and collaborate on projects in ways that amplify our expertise, our reach, and our impact on our clients' bottom line.


Seattle, WA     |      Austin, TX      |      Clive, IA      |      LaCrosse, WI      |      Salida, CO      |       Milwaukee, WI      |       Des Moines, IA       |       McKinney, TX    Sioux Falls, SD     |      Montgomery, AL      |      Harrisburg, PA



The Lionfish Story


   +      =   Lionfish



Lionfish founders Gloria and Nic Wildeman possess a rare balance of creative vision and business acumen that has influenced the success of a long list of clients. Gloria's Piscean nature surges with imaginative power, and Nic brings Leo's steady strength and clarity to every endeavor. Lionfish is making waves. We strengthen brands and the marketing effectiveness of growing companies and non-profits worldwide. With deep roots in technology, we're empowering game changers in areas like IoT, cloud technology and digital transformation. We dig deep into our client's business to understand your products, services, market and target audiences. Our work is better than clever - it's relevant, innovative and effective.





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